Snap Peas

Snap speasSnap peas, also known as sugar snap peas, are in the species Pisum sativum, cultivar group Macrocarpon. They are rounded little pods as opposed to flat pods like snow peas.

A snap pea's outer shell is edible. These little babies are loaded with 18 different proteins. They contain vitamins B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9 as well as beta carotene and vitamins A, C, K and E. Snap peas have a healthy dose of various trace minerals such as potassium, manganese, sodium, calcium, zinc, and magnesium, plus a good supply of iron, niacin, and folate.

Snap peas are very beneficial if you are trying to lose weight. They contain only 46 calories per 3 oz. serving (about one cup). They are also high in antioxidants. However, the antioxidant levels in sugar snap peas diminish rather quickly, so be sure to eat and enjoy them while fresh.