SICSA Site Coordinator Information


Download Site Coordinator Instructions


Note:  You may wish to arrive early ahead of other volunteers, but that is your choice

  1. If necessary, unlock the church parking lot gate.  Gate swings to the right and and should be tied in place against the fence. It is no longer necessary to lock the gate when leaving
  2. Unlock the supply shed.  Shed is located at the right rear corner of the lot as you face it from the entrance.  Remove the large folding table, the white marker board and markers, the clipboard with family/individual shareholders listed, two spring scales (if needed for the day), plastic bags for produce, the collapsible tent if needed, and any miscellaneous supplies (flyers, surveys, etc) that may be needed.
  3. Bring the table and other items to the church building basement entrance area and set up there-the left of and adjacent to the steps. Location is arbitary depending on weather. Rain: probably near steps, Hot: in shade near shed, and/or use tent.
  4. If raining, use tent. Link to instructions. Please read the instructions carefully. DO NOT LEAVE THE TENT UP UNATTENDED. If still wet, fold up canopy and put in the shed wet. Someone will come the next dry day to air it out and properly stash.
  5. Enter the basement, use the alarm code to de-activate the system if the alarm is on when you arrive, and take the packing list for the day’s produce off the bulletin board. This list should have a breakdown of all the produce by weight/number for each share. 
  6. Begin taking tubs and crates of produce out of the basement and arrange outside on the ground in front of the table in the order they are found on the packing list.  In some cases we will have more than one tub/crate containing a produce item. Extras can be placed underneath the table behind the one in front, or behind where volunteer workers will be standing. Remove any meat/dairy shares and arrange these as well.  Prop the door open with large cobblestone.
  7. Make note of the bill of lading which indicates number of shares delivered
  8. Place bins in same order as list on marker board. This eliminates volunteer and shareholders’ confusion and speeds the pickup line.
  9. Write produce items that will be distributed and quantities (e.g. “1 head lettuce, 5 tomatoes, etc.”) on the white marker board.  Write them down in the order they appear on the packing list.
  10. If there are items to be weighed (for example potatoes) use the two spring scales to weight them.  Place weighed items in plastic bags, tie the bags shut and place them either on the tub lids or on the table, (protect from asphalt heat in hot weather) whatever makes most sense at the time.  Note: weighing items takes time.  Try to get this done before members arrive for their produce. 
  11. Assign volunteers to jobs:
    • People to work the table and orient members to the day’s produce quantities
    • One volunteer to mark members off on the clipboard. Whoever handles the clipboard must be attentive and ask each arriving SICSA member for their name before they take their share for the week.
    • Add leaves in layer over the day’s compost. Retrieve with wheelbarrow from church leaf pile on Fillmore St. lawn.
  12. Use one tub/crate as a temporary compost bin for bruised/rotten items.
  13. Temporarily collect empty crates/tubs off to the side or at the rear of table. When you have collected a sufficient number (your call on what constitutes sufficient), bring them back to the shed. Our farmer will collect the empty crates/tubs when he brings the following week’s produce.


  1. Begin putting items away at around 7-7:15, so that when 7:30PM arrives most items have been put back in the shed and volunteers can simply leave. Stay open until 7:30PM.  Some SICSA members cannot get to the church until closing time so it’s important to stay until that hour.
  2. Donate any remaining produce to the church or divide among yourselves. If donating to the church, bring items upstairs in one or more plastic bins and put them in the refrigerator. If there isn’t enough room in the refrigerator, you can leave the sturdier vegetables (potatoes or winter squash, for example) on the kitchen island. Church staff will return the bins at a later date.
  3. Place items in compost bin in the church compost pile.
    Cover compost with layer of dry leaves or wood chips. The compost pile is located next to the storage shed. The LEFT bin (as you face the padlock) is the current bin.
    ONLY put submitted scraps in LEFT bin.
    Lock bin cover down.
  4. Put shovel in shed
  5. Put the tent in the shed. DO NOT LEAVE THE TENT UP OR UNATTENDED.
  6. Relock the shed and make sure that the church basement entrance and if necessary, the upstairs entrance as well is secure and locked.
  7. Notify Sheri (use the contact form, select "Schedule Workdays-Sheri R.") if a site worker does not show up so she can have them reschedule.


  1. The group is granted a free share per 25 members. The value of the free share(s) is divided by the number of Site Coordinators for the season. This allows discounted shares to those who have signed up for the additional duties of coordinating the workers and the site.


Please contact: use the contact form and select Site Coordinator information