Work Assignments - What is required

Work Schedule questions? Use CONTACT form and select "Schedule Workdays".

On Site

One of the site workers will check member's name when they pick up their share. There will be a white board with a list of items in the share. Please make sure members take the correct number of each item so there is enough for all. Some items will need to be pre-weighed and bagged by the site crew, check the bill of lading supplied by the farmer.

The first few weeks, the share will be small with the quantity of items increasing as the season progresses.

Compostable items like fruit and vegetable peels, apple cores or rotten vegetables, can be added to our compost bins. Read more on our "COMPOST" page. If available, members may take finished compost home for their gardens.

Setting Up

Site workers should arrive no later than 4:45 pm. The site coordinators usually arrive around 4:30 pm.

The produce will be in the basement of the parish house. The boxes have to be moved to the setup area. There is a hand truck in the shed to help move the containers of vegetables. There are tables to set up, a shade tent to set up, scales to weigh items, a whiteboard to write down the share items, plastic bags for weighed items, and tools to turn the compost and add wood chips to the compost pile. Those working the first week, please clean out the shed.

Some members may need help with putting together their shares.

Some weeks, there will be information tables set up that site workers can help with. If anyone wants to do a cooking or canning demonstration, please let us know.

There may be down time after the rush of early pickups and you can use the time to clean up.

Break Down

At the end of the night, the site has to be left clean, everything put away.

Leftover items left in the church kitchen as a donation to needy parishioners and neighbors of Christ Church.

Do not leave the tent up unattended. Be sure it is put in the shed (wet or not) at the end of the night.

Site workers, please follow the instructions of the site coordinators, they are responsible for making sure the pick-up runs smoothly.