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Fruit share now available.

The deadline to sign up and pay is Thursday, July 6. Click on the radio button under "FRUIT share @ $240 for 15 weeks" below. If you want to use PayPal, the credit-card fee is $7.26.

Late registration for the 2017 North Shore SICSA is available till July 27.

The season started on Thursday, June 8, and will run to Nov. 16.

Farmer John is offering two types of shares this year: A full share, which is essentially the same as the share offered during previous years, and a 3/4th share, which will be approximately three-quarters of the size of the full share. The full share is $675 and the 3/4th share is $525.

Here are the pro-rated costs per week:

Date Full 3/4
8-Jun $675 $525
15-Jun $647 $503
22-Jun $620 $482
29-Jun $594 $462
6-Jul $569 $443
13-Jul $546 $424
20-Jul $523 $407
27-Jul $501 $390

You must pay for the share in full at least 3 days before your first desired delivery date.
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The CSA Share - Terms of Agreement

As a member of the SICSA, I will receive a weekly share of organic vegetables consisting of approximately 8 to 9 items for the three-quarter share or 12 to 13 items each week for 24 weeks. I understand that the shares will vary in size and weight depending on the time of the season, with smaller shares likely in the early and late season.

I understand my registration is NOT complete until I have filled out the electronic registration form, which includes work scheduling, and I have finished paying for my share.


  • You must work 5.5 hours per share during the season, helping to set up and break down the distribution, plus composting tasks. Work hours are 4:45 pm to 7:30 pm on Thursdays at the distribution center. Other volunteer opportunities are available--they include site coordinator, social media expert, membership coordinator, recruitment, publicity expert, special events organizer, farm-work party organizer, and fundraiser. Please note on the application form if you are interested in one of these alternative work opportunities. The membership coordinator will contact you.
  • Payment plans are available. See the choices on the registration form and on the FAQ, Payment (if you have questions use the contact form to get more more information).

Fruit shares are also available. If I purchase a fruit share, I will receive approximately 6-7 lbs of tree fruit (apples, pears, etc.) for 14 weeks. Fruit season will be from July to October, although there will be weeks when no fruit will be distributed. Fruit is not organic. There are NO fruit-only shares. Note: You don't have to sign up for the fruit share now--watch for an announcement when Farmer John has lined up his fruit vendors.

The SICSA offers FULL SHARES ONLY. If I wish to split my share it is my responsibility to find a share partner (the optional "Member 2" on the application form).

CSA members support their farmers by sharing in the risks of agriculture (poor weather, drought, disease, early frost, crop failure and so on) as well as the rewards (the bounty from a good season). Members generally get a wide variety of vegetables in plentiful amounts, but there are no guarantees. I understand that there is no guarantee on the exact amount or type of produce I will receive in my share. By participating in the SICSA, I am supporting our local farmer as well as more equitable food distribution, and I am helping to create a more environmentally just, economically fair and healthy society.

I will subscribe to the mailing list to receive weekly notices from the farmer, work reminders and site coordinator/worker information. Sign up using "Subscribe to SICSA mailing list" on the right side of this page. Please add marketing at statenislandcsa dot org to your address book.

How to Pay

Mail a check or money order (please do not send cash) to:

SICSA, c/o Eileen Archer
479 Maine Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314

The fee for a bounced check is $35.

Credit Cards

Pay using a credit card with our PayPal account. PayPal charges 2.9% plus a 30 cent fee on each transaction, so an additional fee is added to the cost.

Making Changes....

  • If you want to add a fruit share later, please use the contact form and select "I want to add a fruit share to my current registration."
  • You can change from a 3/4 share to a full share at any time. Please use the contact form and select "I want to switch to a full share."

Application for 2017 Farm Share Membership

Please fill out the form below and click SUBMIT. You can fill in a second/share contact on this form under "Member 2." If you want to buy more than 1 share, fill in this form again for each share.

For more than one share, submit a second form
For more than one share, submit a second form
For more than one share, submit a second form
You can pay online from your bank account. Use ‘Staten Island CSA’ for the account and c/o Eileen Archer, 479 Maine Ave., Staten Island, NY 10314, for the mailing address. All shares (except SNAP) must be paid in full before the first delivery in June.
Member #1
Main contact for Share. * means the field is required.
You will get weekly emails containing the site coordinator's phone number, work details, delivery information, tips, and news.
000-000-0000 Please use this format.
Work Requirement
Members pick 5 workdays. SICOS: choose "Other" and use separate SICO Scheduler

Thursdays 2017

June July Aug Sept Oct Nov
8 6 3 7 5 2
15 13 10 14 12 9
22 20 17 21 19 16
29 27 24 28 26  

Select 5 choices for work dates. A few weeks before the start of the season, the membership coordinator will contact you with your 2 assigned dates.

If you are fulfilling a different volunteer activity, please indicate here.
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