Q&A with Just Food on August 14, 2013

Just FoodsJust Food is a non profit that works with communities to make fresh, locally grown food accessible throughout NYC. One way they do that is by helping start and support CSA sites like ours. Over the years, Just Food has helped over 115 NYC neighborhoods connect with local family farmers to create an extensive network of CSA throughout the city. They work to support groups in starting and maintaining CSA sites as well as with farmers who want to grow for CSA.

Our CSA is part of Just Food's CSA Network, which means a portion of your share fee goes to Just Food to help them build new CSAs, support additional farms and existing sites, and make NYC a better place to eat and live.

Just Food staff member Qiana Mickie will be joining us at our distribution on Wednesday August 14th to meet (and thank!) members, talk more about Just Food and answer questions about the Just Food CSA Network. Take a minute to stop by and find out more about Just Food when you pick up your share or visit justfood.org.