Egg Share

We are pleased to announce that we will now be offering an egg share. This past spring we built a “chicken tractor”--a mobile chicken coop used for raising birds on pasture. We acquired a flock of laying hens, Rhode Island Red crosses. The birds are now beginning to lay and the flock will soon be in full production.

The birds are outside all day, where they feed on the grass and other plants and insects as well as the vegetable wastes which the farm generates. The birds spend the night on roosts inside the chicken tractor protected from predators. Their foraging diet is supplemented with milled grain that is locally sourced and non GMO. We have not been able to find a nearby source of organic feed in the quantities we require.

The cost of the share will be $85 for the remainder of the season (18 weeks) and we will begin deliveries the week of July 16th (next week!). This is for one dozen each week; if you need more than a dozen you may buy multiple shares. Sign up by Wednesday (email and bring payment to the pickup on Thursday (check can be made payable to Circle Brook Farm) and you'll receive a free dozen! Anyone who would like to try a dozen before committing may purchase a dozen for $5 for this week only.