Early Bird Payment Plans, Plus Incentives!

We're starting very early this year, which makes it possible to stretch your payments out over three months instead of two. Sign up for the Early Bird discount between Jan. 22 and March 12 and you'll get a $25 discount.

For the full (premium) share, the Early Bird price is $650, and works out to three payments of $216, $216, and $218 if you pay in January, February, and March.

The basic (three-quarters) share costs $500 and can be paid at $167, $167, and $166.

The registration form will be available on Jan. 22. You can use a credit card (through PayPal), pay from your checking account, or send checks.


Some of our long-time members are offering incentives for quick signups:

  • Kathy Venezia will give one dozen fresh local eggs to the first NEW person to sign up for 2018.
  • Lenny Librizzi will give 2-ounce jars of local honey to the first 25 new or old members to sign up.
  • Lenny, Kathy, and Susan Fowler will give 8-ounce jars of local honey, a dozen fresh local eggs, or a bag of home-made potpourri to the first five current members who bring in new members.

The winners will receive their incentives at the first CSA delivery.