CSA - What’s community supported agriculture (CSA)?

A neighborhood group joins with a regional farmer in a mutually beneficial partnership. Members receive organic produce every week by purchasing share in the farmer’s harvest at the start of the growing season, when the farmer has to pay most of the expenses (seed, soil, fertilizer). Started in 2005, our SICSA has been an integral part of the north shore community providing high quality fresh produce to families.

How does it work?

Weekly emails announce deliveries, work schedule reminders, important notices, tips. SICSA is a cooperative, so there are no middlemen or no employees. Members are required to work 5.5 hours at the distribution site over the course of a 24-week season. Each week, our farmer drops off bins of vegetables that need to be set up and, in some cases, weighed. At 7:30 the site is broken down and put away. Everyone pitches in.

By supporting CSAs, members not only get the freshest organic vegetables available, but also help small local farmers stay afloat. These farmers take care of their land by growing food in ways that sustains the soil. They also reduce member’s reliance on vegetables trucked across the U.S. and from other countries.

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