please bring compost buckets back

We are continuing our compost project this year with much thanks to Christ Church. Our bins are located behind the shed at the distribution site. If you would like to compost, please follow these simple guidelines.

We have a limited supply of buckets, please bring your own if you can.

1) All compostables should be placed in the far left bin ONLY (left as you are looking at the bins)

2) We accept:

  • the uneaten portions of fruits and vegetables (be sure to remove stickers, rubber bands, twist ties etc.)
  • please cut open any hard squashes (in half is sufficient)
  • undressed starches, such as breads, rice & pasta
  • coffee ground and filters, loose tea or tea in bagss
  • stale breads and other waste grain products
  • egg shells

3) We do not accept:

  • fats or animal products of any kind (other than egg shell)
  • table scraps as they generally have been mixed with fats from cooking or dressing
  • "compostable" products such as disposal flat or serving wear or diapers
  • cut grass, pulled weeds, or woody plant cuttings. Read more for why grass does not compost well.
  • animal bedding and feces

shovel and compost

4) Thanks to all those who have participated in the past, we have finished compost for the taking. This compost will be screened and placed in lidded containers next to the produce. If you take compost we ask that you please return the lidded container at the next pick-up. This compost is great for feeding veggie and flower gardens, trees and house plants, and can be sprinkled into grass.

If you have any questions about composting with the CSA, please feel free to email me using the contact form and selecting COMPOST PROJECT.

Thanks, and I look forward to another great season!

Celeste Gagnon
2013 Compost Coordinator, CSA