Staten Island Community Supported Agriculture By Laws


The purpose of the STATEN ISLAND COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE GROUP (SICSA) is to be the city group part of a community supported agriculture partnership with a local farmer. Our mission is to support local agriculture, help preserve local farmland and to obtain fresh local produce for our members through purchasing shares of a farmers produce. The Staten Island CSA members will organize and share in the duties of the group to ensure the program runs smoothly. The SICSA is dedicated to working with community food pantries and hunger organization so that needy families can also benefit from access to fresh local produce.


Any individual, family or organization that purchases a share is a member.

Core Group

The Core Group is comprised of SICSA members who commit additional time, expertise and skills to the group in order to ensure the success of the group. The core group members will include but are not limited to Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, Volunteer Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Site Coordinators, Treasurer, Secretary, Record Keeper and Outreach Coordinator

Duties of the Core Group

The duties of the Core Group shall be as follows.

Core Group Coordinator

The Core Group Coordinator shall oversee the entire CSA operation, convene and facilitate CSA meetings, create meeting agenda, maintain communication among core group members, the farmer and the membership, lead the planning efforts of the CSA. These duties may be split between co-coordinators.

Newsletter Editor

The Newsletter Editor shall collaborate with the coordinator and CSA members to obtain newsletter material, format and edit and produce the newsletter. Ensure the newsletter is distributed to the membership and any other interested parties.

Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator works to ensure that members contribute the agreed upon amount of volunteer time during the CSA season, sets the weekly schedule for members to work/ volunteer at the distribution site, calls volunteers each week to confirm shifts.

Events Coordinator

The Events coordinator collaborates with members and others to organize fun, informative and relationship building events for members and the community. 1

Site Coordinator

Oversees the distribution of vegetables every week including unloading of truck and site cleanup, oversees weekly volunteers. Ideally this role should be filled by at least 2 people.


The Treasurer shall keep accounting of any monies raised and disbursed, collects and deposits checks, pays the farmer, reports to the membership on account balances.
Record Keeper The record keeper shall maintain membership record, mailing, phone and e-mail lists


The Secretary shall keep all minutes of SICSA meetings and report same, as well as handling all correspondence of the SICSA.

Outreach Coordinator

The outreach coordinator shall lead the effort to recruit new members, handle publicity, answers phone, mail and e-mail inquiries, oversees volunteers to assist with these activities.


The Core group will meet at least 4 times per year to plan for the upcoming season, review procedures, set share price and member responsibilities and to review the season. Core group members will be notified of meeting time and location by email, at least one week in advance.


Amendments to the by laws may be introduced in writing by any SICSA member at a SICSA meeting. The Secretary shall distribute copies to members with a notice that the amendment shall be voted on at the next SICSA meeting. The amendment must be approved by a 2/3 affirmative vote of all members present at the SICSA meeting. Members unable to attend may vote in writing by proxy.

Adoption of By Laws

These By Laws shall take effect immediately upon a 2/3 affirmative vote of all members present at the SICSA meeting following the introduction of the By Laws.