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SNAP Shares Available

Community-supported agriculture programs pay their farmers up front so that they can buy seeds and tools. Although SNAP users can’t use food stamps to pay a lump sum in February for vegetables they’ll receive in June, Christ Church can pay the farmer now and accept repayment in food stamps during the delivery season from June to November. The number of shares is limited, however—the church can cover up to three full shares or six half shares. Please contact Susan Fowler for more information: 917 734-3746.

Are you willing to help coordinate getting EXTRA PRODUCTS?

Do you know that some CSA's provide all food products to their members so they never have to shop in a supermarket except for paper products and cleaning supplies?

Some folks may remember that several years ago SICSA members once month could receive extra products like meat, cheese bread, eggs, honey and preserves once a month from New York State farmers. This project was run by a member who is no longer with the SICSA. This was done through a farmer who acted as a broker for other farmers and delivered the goods to Brooklyn. We had to pick it up in Brooklyn.